Candy Lesher
Candy Lesher
Candy Lesher
Candy Lesher
Candy Lesher – a well-known culinary personality in Arizona – has clearly undergone quite a transformation, having lost over 70 pounds, and still counting, after Lapband surgery. Additionally, her signature red hair is now quite silver, a surprise result of the chemo and radiation she underwent while battling cancer in 2007. Now cancer free – Ms. Lesher radiates life, health and joy even more than before.

Fascinated by early cooking programs hosted by Julia Child and Graham Kerr, Ms. Lesher began preparing meals for her parents and three younger sisters by age 11; she read cookbooks like most read riveting novels.

Though her practical career path was that of a secretary – the kitchen kept calling; she inevitably spent more time catering for employers and coworkers than typing and filing.

Living in Germany for five years as a young military wife, Ms. Lesher took every opportunity to immerse herself in western European cuisine, working as a civil service secretary to fund her culinary and vineyard escapades while developing her skills by catering soiree’s hosted by single officers.

Even when she took a 7-year hiatus from the office in order to spend quality time with her two young children, she could often be found catering a range of events for her husband’s elite military unit, the White House Communications Agency.
"If there is one thing I can say about Candy, it is that she makes
cooking fun. Her food is fabulous and presentation even better.
I'm still making the cheesecake she taught me 15 years ago!"
  Shauna Halawith
President/CEO Kitchen Classics
#1 Retail Gourmet Kitchen Shop 2003
Gourmet Retailer Magazine
"I had the joy of working with Candy on a custom perfume story
several months ago... Communicating through scent vocabulary...
can be an arduous process with most. However, Candy was so
different. She has an amazing command of the English language...
It was as if we were sitting next to each other smelling plants and
flowers together vs long distance communication... Her corresponding
story was beautifully crafted with the most amazing scent descriptions.
I feel so grateful to have worked with Candy and hope to again very
very soon."
  Jane Hendler
President and Founder
Ajne Parfumerie and Apothecary
"Candy's writing acumen has provided me with wonderful cuisine
related articles for magazines I produce. Her exceptional creative
talent leads you to almost smell and taste the culinary treasures
she is describing."
  Nadine Allen
Editor Unforgettable magazine
Rockingwood Studio
"Candy's ability to recognize and understand the ever changing
menu scene is a blessing to the chef's that pour their emotion and
hearts into the dishes they create, she gets it!"
  James Porter
Chef/Owner Tapino
"... Candy is a "natural" on-air talent. Her delivery is articulate
while giving her viewers a warm sense of familiarity. Recognized
as a culinary authority, I found the content of each show to be both
creative and informative.

Similarly, her magazine editorial truly captured the integrity of the
Valley's culinary world. She is a gifted writer on food, travel and
entertainment... Candy expanded the editorial quality and depth
due to her expertise, work ethic and relationships created with
chefs and Valley partners... Candy Lesher is one of the true
professionals and admired by many."
  Debora M. Bridges
Bridges Media Group

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